Art Glass by Manuela Wutschke

My name is Manuela Wutschke and I have graduated with a degree in Geography and German Literature and worked for several years as a teacher. Always interested in the arts I have finally attended an art college by correspondence in Hamburg improving my skills in aquarelle and acrylics and started painting till I have discovered the art of glass beadmaking in the summer of 2014. Glass is my canvas now and I am experimenting a painterly approach to glass using bold and brilliant colors and exploring a variety of techniques creating colorful abstractions of flora and fauna painted with the motion of the fluid glass itself. My work is joyful and wants to bring a smile with its playful mood. I love creating a face with personality for a bird, a cat, a giraffe or another creature with a few deft black lines. I like comics, slapstick comedy, fairy tales and to fantasize to the fullest on the torch. And I love to create abstract beads that allow viewers to make their own interpretations, beads guided by nature or art inspired beads. When I am working with glass my imagination is running wild: I am getting inspired by simple and foolish things, by my own life and the nature surrounding me like watching the little tiger cat that comes visiting from time to time. Animals have always been fascinated me and making them puts always a smile on my face because I feel that it is easy to connect with these creatures. With a comical tilt of their heads, they peer at you with soulful eyes and endearing personalities. The painterly approach with glass colors includes the addition of quirky details that provide their surroundings.