Marcos Harmonicas

THE BOOKS and DVDs by Marcos 

The most comprehensive, Easy to learn Step by Step common sense approach harmonica method on the
market today. Learn the universally known  and accepted “Arrow System” playing easy simple songs.
You don’t need  to read music to start playing songs. Both ”How To Play Harmonica Instantly”  and
”How To Play Chromnatic Harmonica Instantly” contain lessons, songs  and harmonica history that lead
you to a great learning experience in mastering  the Harmonica. Each book contains 64 “8 1/2 x 11” pages
with meaningful illustrations, lessons and songs!  For the musician who is looking to expand their musical
horizons Marcos has provided 2 additional books How To Play Guitar Instantly and How To Play Keyboards
and Piano Instantly.

“This is a great package. And it’s great for the beginner.” 
Kevin, Guitar Center, San Francisco, California 
“It’s good, everybody loves it. 
The best book we ever had.” 
Metroplex Music, Garland, Texas 
“The customers like it, a good product. 
It moves fast and is comprehensive.” 
Jack’s Music, Sacramento, California