Marica Cuncic

Doctorate in Philology, University of Zagreb. Scholarly and teaching career: Old Church Slavonic Institute (1977-2017; director 2005-2017), teaching at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA (1985-1986), University of Pittsburgh (1986-1988), MacMaster University, Ontario, Canada (1992), guest and research associate at Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, Toronto, Canada (1988-1991), Sheridan College in Brampton; Society of Jesus' School of Philosophy in Zagreb. Editor of Gaudeamus, Magazine of Croatian Univerities Alumni, Toronto ; Slovo, journal of the Old Church Slavic Institute in Zagreb; Injigo, journal for the participants of the ignatian Spiritual Exercises in the Program Injigo . 
Giving St. Ignatius retreats in Croatia, USA, Canada, and Europe. The founder of the Community and Program Injigo (