Marty B

... I am Martina, Marty. A girl born on a cold winter night on 29th January 1995... so maybe therefor a girl who likes snow, cold and winter, a girl who feels free in winter but has the irritable feeling of melting when it is hot in summer. Just a child that loves hot chocolate any time of the day and just a soul that likes music, especially the songs of Demi Lovato. Sometimes I like to take risks and chances and I believe that mistakes are from time to time necessary, because they can teach you a lot. Mostly of all i love to read, because reading gives me weird freedom. Red colors in one of my favorites and always catches my eye, in all shades. Well the important thing is that I grow day by day and that is how things in my life change, it is nice but also very confusing... So living life everyday with my biggest in heart passion, writing. And what I write? Well I write whatever I feel in the moment. I write to express myself guided by that left-right ticking of my heart. Guided by my destiny.