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You Have Permission To Live The Life You Want To Live

Mary Schiller here, aka Mary In Paris. Let's create a business and life that makes your dreams come true.

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Mary, I enjoy hearing your perspective on money, business, wisdom, success and life, and your move to Paris is a beautiful example of following your own wisdom — walking the walk. I would recommend Mary’s services without hesitation — and actually did so this morning — to anyone who wants to move out of being stuck.

— Dr. Nikki Crawford

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You couldn't ask for a better mentor and guide than Mary Schiller when it comes to building your coaching business. Mary has exceeded my expectations and constantly surprises and delights me with her proactive responses to what's needed in that red-hot moment. I can't recommend her enough. Everyone should be so blessed to have Mary on their side.

— Dorothy Kolomeisky

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Mary is a brilliant teacher and also an inspiration because she is talking from real personal experience — not just delivering a hypothetical formula she’s picked up somewhere.

— Trevor Emdon

About Me

Hi! Mary Schiller here! I'm an author, coach and course creator with a simple mission: to help you give yourself permission to have the life -- and the freedom! -- you truly want. Life is too short for anything else. You can learn more about me and see ALL of my offerings at Merci! XO Mary