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Using 2 colours for the Got Your Back Wrap
This post explains how the colours in a 2 colour Got Your Back Wrap will work together.Consider these two colours.The two colours combine to make a background like this.One colour forms the flower & center on one side of the fabric.The other colo...
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Intro to Reversible Knitting Patterns
Choose one of these patterns to receive for free when you Subscribe to my newsletter.´╗┐The newsletter will discuss reversible knitting, provide special discounts, and notify of pattern releases & testing calls.Flowing Rivers CowlThe Path is C...
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FISSION Knitting Technique
Fission Knitting is a reversible colourwork technique where the fabric is worked with yarns held in a marl. The design elements are slipped stitches placed on both sides of the fabric. The marl is broken apart to work these stitches.The resultan...
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fusion knitting patterns collection
FUSION Knitting Technique
Fusion knitting is a reversible colourwork technique where slipped stitches are placed on both sides of the fabric to create design elements. The design on one side of the fabric is mirrored on the back -- in other words, the designs from each side a...
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Choosing Your Yarn Colours
My slipped stitch patterns work best with smooth yarns.This topic relates to choosing your yarn colours for both one sided and reversible slipped stitched cabled projects. Each of my patterns requires two colours of yarn. Your will need at least one ...
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