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FUSION Knitting Technique

Fusion knitting is a reversible colourwork technique where slipped stitches are placed on both sides of the fabric to create design elements. The design on one side of the fabric is mirrored on the back -- in other words, the designs from each side are fused together.

My original cabled designs involve working cables with both their right side and wrong side facing forward. Newer designs (2022 or later) use a modified Fusion technique that is more intuitive and feels like traditional cabling. If comparing stitch patterns of the similar complexity, one worked in modified Fusion Knitting will be significantly easier than one worked in original Fusion Knitting.

See the full collection of FUSION knitting patterns.

Fusion Knitting Tutorials show how to do the most commonly used cables without the use of a cable needle.

The Follow the Leader Cowl is an introduction to modified Fusion Knitting. This technique is used in the: Born this Way Cowl/Scarf, Got Your Back Wrap, Blooming Baby Blanket & Eye Candy Cowl.

The Reversible Step Series will introduces you to the original Fusion Knitting technique. In general, patterns worked in the round are easier than those worked flat. These patterns are particularly useful for:

the Honeycomb, Love It or Leaf It & Coffee Moms patterns.

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