Matteo Ingrao

I am a self-taught sculptor who displays the human skin in all its forms, with a particular interest in alterations and irregularities. I draw inspiration from man’s wild, natural, and primitive origins, how isolation affects form, and musings on alternate human evolution and deformation (hypertrichosis syndrome, for instance, is a recurring theme in my work). My organic and realistic sculptures act to capture specific points in time, encapsulating specific glimpses of the human form and so preserving them in time and space. I provide new perspectives on the human body, aiming to challenge my audience, provoking discourse through the creation of contradictory feelings: my works induce an ambivalent desire to touch while simultaneously stirring discomfort and aversion.

I am now selling e-books to share my passion and techniques, helping whoever gets into it!
I am already working on a second e-book, teaching differents techniques to reach further realism in silicone skin pigmentation.