Maximus Musicus

The best-selling and awarded book, "Maximus Musicus Visits the Orchestra", in which Maxi, the musical mouse, discovers the wonders of music, first appeared in Iceland in 2008. It is written by flute player Hallfrídur Ólafsdóttir and illustrated by violist Þórarinn Már Baldursson, both members of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. The audio contains a narration of the story with all the sounds and music that go with it, recorded by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Rumon Gamba. We follow the tale of the mouse, Maximus Musicus, who by chance finds himself in a concert hall. There he experiences many strange and funny things as well as some wonderful and almost overwhelming sounds as the orchestra rehearses and gives a concert. What an interesting and adventurous turn his life has suddenly taken! Maxi enjoys himself so much that he decides to stay in the concert hall and see what happens the next day. The music was carefully chosen to suit the young audience, Ravel's Bolero, a Fanfare and some galloping encores as well as Maxi's Song. "Maximus Musicus Visits the Orchestra" has been translated and published in many languages. See Maxi's fan page on Facebook: