Ritmos / Styles Medeli A1000 & Fame G2000 Styles / Ritmos

Warning !!! The styles works for sure on the Medeli A1000 and Fame G2000 keyboards but have don't be tested on others Medeli keyboards. May be the styles works also with A810 and A830 Medeli keyboards but not on the older medeli keyboards.
To be sure the styles works on you keyboard you can download and test the free mini styles pack on the link below.
Mp3 audio example of style on each pack of style : click the link on the description of the pack.
On the pack all style you will find 7 examples, 1 mp3 audio for each pack volume 1.
You can download and test 6 styles of the audio demo here mini style pack

After payment a link to the file will appear directly in the payment validation window.
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