Michael C. Hughes Books

About me... Raised in Battle Creek, Michigan, I became hooked on the world of mystery fiction at fourteen when I discovered Conan Doyle and Dash Hammett. My first mystery short was done as a school project. I took B.A. English, Northern Michigan, and Dramatic Script Writing, Baker College. I’ve had previously published biographies of two media personalities with regional publishers. I count as a research source a formerly active member of one of New York City's major crime families who has since retired from "The Life." He has played a key role in cracking a number of front-page crime cases -- strictly non mob related. In the Connell books he's called "The Ferret.” Other books in the Connell series: GIRL CUT OUT, Book 2 in the Connell series: For Dani O goes it’s war on when her step-father, crime boss John O’Banion, thinks he can cut out this fiery girl from her mother’s inheritance. Across town, Connell is visiting when his cousin Cal is killed by a stray bullet in a staged bar-room shooting. They meet and together they work to take down Johnny O and his empire. CUT GIRL, Book 3 in the Connell series. Dr. Julia Reesman’s the new girl at the Boston ME’s office. A “cut girl” with much to prove. Trying to bounce back from PTSD hell, she takes on a case other’s don’t want to touch. Police call it a “black hole,” but maybe it’s a chance to redeem herself. When she meets Connell at the crime scene, it becomes a case of them against the world.