Model Chanise Fields

Hi my beautiful friends. My name is Chanise Fields and i have been modeling for 5 years now. I decided to offer a Ebook and program where i offer consultations that support people in creating a business out of their modeling passions. 5 years ago i decided to pursue my dream of being a professional model in my hometown Camden, Nj. As a beginner model i made many mistakes. Most of my frustration on my journey came from being the first amongst my friends and family to pursue a dream in the fashion industry. I had many years of trials of error as well as some really big wins. One of my favorite quotes is "Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment." This is exactly why I have decided to create a How to Model Guide full of everything I have learned thus far. As an aspiring model sometimes i would only leave home with a travel rate of $15-20. After about a year of consistanly building my portfolio i was able to create a rate of $50-75. Now, i am at a day rate of $1000.00 or more. Some of my highlights in my modeling career have been working with Jora who is Cardi B's videographer for her "Press" video and cover art, G-eazy "Still be friends" ft Tyga & Tory lanez music video, Milani Cosmetics website, Forever21, and a number of other bookings with major companies. After reading this Ebook, i ensure that you will feel more confident in your modeling persuits and be able to make a living off of your modeling passions.