Roshan Sharma

The name of the author is Roshan Sharma. He runs a blog under the name “" and has written over 400 blogs covering the topics, from God to religion, spirituality, philosophy, mind, psychology, awareness, consciousness, energy, vibrations and many more. He is a regular practitioner of meditation and an avid reader of life. Everything that is shared in the blog or book is out of inner experience. He has been part of many spiritual organizations but always believed that everything that exists in the outside world in relation to god or the self is only the pointer to the inner truth. The inner truth can only be realized inside by one’s own effort. With life, what’s important is, the way you understand life. If your understanding itself goes against the way of life, you can only move away from life rather coming closer to it. The process of life doesn’t initiate with the mind, but you have something more exists in you, out of which the process of life happens through you. Unless you recognize that source in you, from where the process of life initiates, all the chaos and confusion, and stress and suffering will be part of your life. Your daily life has to happen from the source and not with the mind. The self-realization is the ultimate purpose of life. The process of self-realization is to direct the mind towards the source. With the self-realization, you develop altogether a different perception towards life. You perceive life from the pure state of mind, or you can say the life reflects on your pure state of mind, the way moon reflects in the river. You become the observer of life.