Mohammed Abdurahman

The 17 years old Tech Entrepreneur runs several online businesses at such a young age. with his know-how of Google's SEO, he has created PMA which is a marketing agency. having being involved in the online industry he has been able to set up a couple of other successful businesses with the agency he co-founded. 

He has been involved in the public speaking industry for couple of years, after having shared stages with the likes of all his 4 mentors, John lee, Andy Harrington, Vince Wong And Paul Preston and many more other successful entrepreneurs. His aim is to widen the idea of success as alot of people don't believe or see success being possible for them. Having being told at a younger age that success is a process but rather not am event, Mohammed continuously drives to push himself going to where he calls it "the unknown"

Having being mentored by Vince Wong who is a property millionaire, Mohammed has been able to land himself on the property ladder after having secured couple of deals, he has now Started teaching the strategies that has allowed him to buy properties whilst using none of his money at his Deal Intensive programme.

He is the author of the "29 Lessons I Have Learned from a Self-made multi millionaire" where he shares invaluable lessons he has learnt from his mentors. 

Mohammed is still doing his A levels and currently lives in London.