Recently there is much talk about attracting money in multiple ways such as money attraction by using law of attraction beside feng shui and others many up to use magic and spells But the question remains is it really work and how much is the credibility of it means as methods away from imitation Attracting money cannot be done unless by using same level of hidden non physical power that created the words such as Luck and fate and place it in our daily use vocabulary therefore any attempt other than that mentioned in above it will simply not work However the subject of attracting money is an extremely complex issue but it is not impossible Attracting money can be done In one case only if you knew how to use same mechanism that made and created the shortage of it then you can use the same mechanism in reverse in order to attract money effectively This leads us to the next question Do you really want to know the secrets of attracting money be aware the answer of that question depend on how far you are willing to go for that endeavor Because it was for me an endeavor cost me much efforts throughout the past years of my life In order to discover and develop then write a real and practical book almost like manual for attracting money genuinely and most important effectively Money attraction by real symbols energy Through my book you will learn about the Non physical hidden power mechanism and the ways to attract money by using symbols from real daily life and how to put it correctly and in effective ways in order to attract money for you then let it work continuously without interruption for attracting money for you without any physical or mental efforts and in complete secrecy i know sounds like dream but it's not it's real and it's work and it's true I have fulfilled my mission to the fullest extent possible and gave you matchless effective book full of secrets that not existed in any other book in this life as far as i know but the rest is up to you my dear reader to start attract what you need and what you want and what you wish may the God bless you my regards the writer A.Rahman