Moore Statistics Consulting LLC

Ms. Amy Moore is a biostatistician with two masters of science degrees in Biostatistics and Public Health Sciences. She has over 15 years of graduate-level experience teaching statistics topics online and in the classroom setting. Ms. Moore has real-world experience in statistical analysis from the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and the hospital setting. Ms. Moore has trained various physicians, nurses, and other researchers to implement statistical analysis for their studies. Currently, Ms. Moore has authored six statistics books: Statistics Workbook for the Non-Techy, Statistics for the Math Illiterate, Getting Your Feet Wet With R, Out of the Box: A Statistics Workbook Using SAS, Learning the Language of STATA, and The RFUNK. 

All of Ms. Moore books are geared towards helping people who struggle mathematics or the technical world. Each book is a quick read and user-friendly. Please scroll down below to view any of the books on sale.