Movement U

Movement U is a Calgary based fitness studio, it offers diverse classes and fitness programs. Movement U offers HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, it aids to strengthen the body's supporting muscles by working out in multiple planes of motion, which increases your ability to enjoy all of the activities you love. It is a 50 minute music infused class experience. Movement U offers SPIN exercises that would take you further than you've ever imagined. ROWING with Movement U, positions high intensity, low-impact workout, into a meditative, dimly-lit, synchronized experience. In Movement U you can connect with the rhythm of the music and experience it in a team setting. Movement U believes that a sound strategy is a sound body and a sound mind. If movement would be the sound of the body, then Movement U's Exercise experience is the maestro. Movement U exercises aims to take focus and fitness, but on the other hand it is still all about the journey.