Shyama Asirvadam

Hello, I'm Shyama ! I am on a Wonderful and Exciting journey of Entrepreneurship! I have been put on this path mostly by chance and circumstances that left me no.. or rather, very little choice! Let me share a little bit about how I got here so unexpectedly and at first somewhat reluctantly! After working in the Medical Field for almost 20 years, My body made the fatal decision to fall ill , and that ended my full time career and income very abruptly without warning!! I was in shock and fell into a deep despair not knowing what to do or how to start all over again in a new profession, especially at my age !! I found myself looking for work anywhere I could ,only to find the job market is not very kind to anyone with any health issues coupled with being middle aged !! So I started looking Online for answers and help and that's how I stumbled on to the Online Work from Home Arena and decided I had nothing to lose and maybe a lot to gain !! I have joined a couple of Business Opportunities now and am charting my course to Success ! Its still a hard work in progress ! My goal is to make a full time income working from home online. I am learning a lot of things by trial and error, as I am not very tech savvy, but there is a lot of training and help available these days to help Online newbies and NOT so Tech Savvy Middle Agers like me, get started and reach their goals. I would love to have anyone interested in the same journey take a look at what I have to offer and travel with me through the stops and starts, the ups and downs, the twists and turns, the highs and lows, and the disappointments and joys of this wonderful world of Entrepreneurship.! Let us be OUR OWN BOSSES, OUR OWN CEOs ! No more getting Fired ! No more being Laid Off ! No more being scared if you fall ill that you will not have a job to go back to ! No more nearly killing yourself and missing out on your family time working too many tiring and thankless hours ONLY to make someone else RICH ! Investing in yourself and therefore your future is what is will give you FREEDOM and SUCCESS on your own terms ! The content offered here is a Gold Mine for anyone wanting Time Freedom and Financial Freedom ! Of course nothing comes to you without YOU putting in the TIME and EFFORT and taking Massive Action with CONSISTENCY, to reach EVERY goal you set . There is "NO Get Rich Instantly " Pill or App or Business or Formula etc ! EVERY Opportunity that's worth anything , will take a little Investment from you in the way of MONEY, ( not necessarily a lot of money ) TIME, EFFORT and CONSISTENCY! So .. I encourage everyone that is looking for a way to secure a better, more solid and successful future for themselves and their family , to take a look at what's offered here and start YOUR journey . Let's all become OUR OWN CEOs !