Nada Maghraby

NADA MAGHRABY was born August 27.1984 in Mahalla El_Kubra, Egypt.
She dreamed of becoming a doctor until she ended up in the professional ward of the nurse, a profession she loved so much that she began to practice her favorite hoppy that she loved so much.
She writes in the hope of changing part of reality, hoping to move forward with her simple abilities and her stunning goal.
Can not avoid the danger of the future and deep psychological challenges that are now in hearts and minds only with love.
Love is the badge of peace every where.
She loves coffee, rain, tranquility, papers and pens.
She adore the word, which in turn can change the path of any person from east to west, the word which in turn either be pushing forward or pushing from the balcony.
She dreamed at the human level to build an orphanage and a school and wish to adopt the issue of refugee children and prepare them to be good people to build a future of security psychologically and intellectually prepared to reform society and obliterate hatred and spread love and peace.