Nhat Vuong

About Me My name is Nhat Vuong and I was born in 1980. My parents escaped from Vietnam a few years after they end of the Vietnam war. I grew up in Switzerland and went back to visit Vietnam a couple of times since my parents left the country. I even lived there in 2013 for a year and eagerly explored many parts of the city, looking for the best things to do. After visiting more than 7 times the former Southern capital, I was able to compile a very unique set of information that you would pobably never find on Tripadvisor or similar websites, because most of them were taught to me by locals. This guide took me months to write so that I could share with you what I wished I had know before coming to Ho Chi Minh. Hopefully you will able to live a very unique experience visiting the city and save time and money beyond the price of this guide.