Nickia Shelton

Hi there! My name is Nickia Shelton Owner/Operator of as well as CEO & Founder of the women's self-care emowerment group Mom's, Muscles & Makeup. Welcome, and may I be the first to congratulate you for taking back your power through Self-care and personal development.

I'm a firm believer in three things when it comes to personal growth, and they are 1) Time is valuable 2) Learning doesnt have to be boring and 3) Keeping it simple. It's because of my beliefs that you'll find all of my presentation-based courses are short, sweet and to the point - to be respectful of your time. They're engaging, Visuals and animations help to make things more entertaining & digestible. And last but not least, I understand that not everyone has the same educational background or life experience, so you'll find that each one of my courses is broken down and explained in a way that everyone can understood throughout all walks of life. I'm happy to have you and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you. 


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