Samuel Archer

Samuel Archer grew up in Bethany Village, Mt. Pleasant, Tobago W.I. When Samuel was five years old, his father bought a piano. He learned to play and it was then that his relationship with music and love for piano began. By the age of eight, he began playing the piano during church song service for his school. Eventually, Samuel took part in choir, orchestra and steel pan. At the age of fourteen, he was playing in the local hotels and assisting some of the local bands with musical direction. Today Samuel Archer lives in the U.S. and is a celebrated songwriter, arranger, music producer, recording engineer, filmmaker and soon to be author. Samuel has taught music in both Tobago and the U.S. He holds a Music Business Bachelors of Science Degree from Full Sail Universtiy. He has worked on recordings spanning from 1989 to present which includes a catalog of his own independent musical works. Additionally, Samuel has a Digital Marketing Company, and an online entertainment and music publication, Muzilog. Samuel has worked with artists and groups B2K, Horace Brown, 112, Courtney Fadlin, His Voice, Lovener Walcott, Aquannette Chinnery, Delroy Souden, Miriam Corlette Williams and Nhojj to mention a few. He has contributed music to TV shows - Dr. 90210, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Property Ladder, How Clean Is Your House, Millionaire Matchmaker and many others. He has also scored for films such as The Lockdown Club, All I Want, Moving In, Blue Suitcase, The Documentary: On The Road to Love Pain & Redemption and more. Presently Samuel is working with Philadelphia native and celebrated singer, songwriter, and poet, Nadira Norjahan. In 2013 Samuel and Nadira joined creative forces and released Nadira Norjahan's Double A Side [2014], Nadira Norjahan's Double A Side, II [2015] and Love Pain & Redemption [2016], which is her full-length debut album.