M.R. Aline, born in Martinique, lived most of her childhood in France in the city of Toulouse. She left the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers University, having gained a Masters Degree in International trade. During her study time she undertook various part-time employment and internship programmes. As a foreign postgraduate specialising in international trade she moved to London in 2001 primarily to improve her English language. During 15 years Aline strategically managed to build a strong profile by working in large multibillion and well-known corporate organisations in London and by building strong connections with various high calibre leaders who became her mentors, guiding her to become a successful professional woman. She enjoys collecting experiences and share them with others. While embracing her professional career she increased her efficiency at work by both witnessing many mistakes made by various professionals, and also through her own mistakes, recognising the negative effect they had on her career progression and her health after suffering from constant anxiety, stress and depression. Aline shares her tips to be more efficient in the corporate world in order to support a faster career progression and to win by acting as a true leader. While her tips focus mainly on the increased efficiency and the reduction of stress, she also points out the emotional intelligence aspect of mistakes made when handling relationships with colleagues, direct line managers and reports.