Sobhy Companies LLC

“Your mindset is one of the most important aspects of making the most of your workout, let alone anything in life. Keep an empowering context no matter what happens. See what you are capable of. See if you can do everything just a little bit better. See how fearless and courageous you can be. See how much you can take on. See what you’re made of in this moment, where the fine line exist that distinguishes success and failure and a little extra effort, focus, and intensity could be the difference between winning and losing. Win every battle, no matter how large or small, and take advantage of every moment, second, and opportunity to win, to add to yourself, and to be successful.” - Omar Sobhy As an athlete, entrepreneur, and coach, Omar Sobhy is always looking to discover and create something new that will make a difference for others. Mr. Sobhy currently resides in Washington, DC owning and operating his businesses, Sobhy Companies LLC and Optimal Real Estate Investments LLC. Prior to his career as an entrepreneur, Omar Sobhy worked with the Metropolitan Club of the City of Washington, UBS Investment Bank, and Colliers International, in addition to having won five National Squash Championships, including an NCAA Individual Squash Championship while playing D1 Squash at the George Washington University. Sobhy is a personal trainer and a Sports Conditioning Specialist and his unique approach to healthy, wealthy, and extraordinary living will drive you to achieving the best results of your life. “More than anything, my goal is to positively impact as many people as possible while on this earth. Thank God, I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to learn from wise individuals and outlets for me to give back are my books and my website,, where I share the blessings of information I’ve acquired over the years with others. My goal is to help 100 million people find health, happiness, and success, and live lives they love every moment of and every day I work towards creating opportunities that add value to myself and others and have a lasting impact of greatness.”