Tanya Sawyer

My fascination for Dutch shipwrecks began after reading a book called "Carpet of silver" by Philip Playford. He identified the shipwreck of the Zuytdorp which was wrecked in 1712 just south of Shark Bay. As I began my research, I realised that I needed to write my own story about the survivors and once I'd met some of the descendants of those European castaways; the Malgana and Nhanda people of Shark Bay and the Murchison areas. It became obvious, there is still much to be uncovered and learned. WA has so much untold history that it periodically calls me back year after year. I have a back ground of Horticulture, Floristry and Garden Design, so I suppose writing is just another creative outlet for me too. I hope you enjoy the read, and I also hope, you too can one day explore the red sand and turquoise seas that WA is so popular for.