Pastor Karen Nichols - Real Life International Ministries

Karen T. Nichols was born & raised in Philadelphia, PA. She is a Mother, a Wife, a Life Coach, a Pastor, Teacher, Trainer & Lecturer. She has an Associate Degree in Education from The Community College of Philadelphia and a Bachelors Degree in Corporate Management from Eastern University. Pastor Nichols was hand chosen by God to be one of the first licensed ministers at Impacting Your World Christian Center (IYWCC) in Philadelphia, PA. There she matured in the things of God as she discovered & uncovered spiritual gifts she didn’t even know she had. It was in that process that she saw the gap in the Kingdom she was sent to earth to fill. In addition to her ministerial responsibilities at IYWCC, she has lead many executive administrative projects, lead Cell Ministry and was the Director of the Impact Ministry Fellowship Division which included the Prison, Men’s, Marriage, Young Adults, Single and Prayer Ministries. It was during her time at IY that God gave her the vision for what is now “Real Life International Ministries” which was officially launched in 2015. In order to serve those with different faiths, she formed the”Real Life Community Development Corporation” later the same year. Real Life also has an online division called “WorkDatWord” where you will find her blog and the WorkDatWord Podcast. You can also listen to the WorkDatWord Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Podcast Radio and TuneIn Internet Radio! Pastor Karen has always had a passion for Balance, Order, Prayer and Deliverance. Therefore, she continuously wins new souls for the Kingdom of God. Her divine assignment includes assisting in the process of restoring and maintaining balance in the lives of the saints and building leaders. She meets this goal by presenting the Word of God simply, directly and boldly. She helps her audience to apply what she teaches by also giving them practical tools to help them raise and maintain a higher Godly standard of living. As a result, their lives reflect the manifestation of all of God’s promises. Pastor Nichols loves God and her family. She is married and has three children, two step children and is the spiritual mother to many.