Hey guys! my name is gift muzumbwe from zambia.I'm a business guy.I' ve been doing real estate for some years now.I'm now doing e commerce.I enjoy doing business a lot.Thats my passion.I've been interested in being a writer for some years.All i want is inspire alot of people who are lucking advisers.I want to show people how they can make it too.You can find me on youtube,instagram and much more.                       i was born from nkonde,in mazabuka.i grow up from lusaka.My mother throw me and my sister joyce muzumbwe in a forest for her to get a new marriage.She failed to kill us directly and just throw us in the forest.A man from found us almost died as he was chasing an animal to kill.He kept us for some month untill he found our dad.I grow up so poor and i had nowhere to run to.All of my family ignored us and chased us.I used to wear some laged clothes for month and a lot of my friends used to laugh at me.I used to sleep in streets for some weeks just to find something for my sister.My mum was stabed when i was one year just after she throw us and got father's name is jamson muzumbwe.                                                                                                                                                               i finished my high school at kings school.The school was owned by a white woman who helped me alot.                                                                                                                                                                           In all i went through in my life,i have learned a lot of things which i want to share with the worid.