Patrick Brigham

A political journalist for many years, author Patrick Brigham did not start writing murder mysteries until the end of the 1990s. Living in Eastern Europe at the tail end of the Cold War, stories of intrigue and betrayal abounded, as many of these once hard-core Communist countries started their painful journey towards membership of the EU and so-called democracy. Many of his stories are set in the Balkans and he offers his readers a first-hand account of the flexible attitudes that continue to persist, and the corruption and political demagoguery which manages to sustain these newly re-cast people’s republics. The absence of law and order, and justice and retribution, are all part of the ever-changing Balkan landscape, including Greece - the most civilized of the Balkan countries – and with the advent of Al Qaeda and ISIS, they have added yet another dimension to this troubled part of the world.