Patexia is the classified site wherein legal experts, patent legal professionals, and patent counselors become a member to form the crowd formed up to greater than 10,000. Business owners can readily make contact with Patexia to engage its authorities with three options given for the business enterprise to pick out on how to collect information and facts and patent litigation. One option is giving a contest for experts to take part in and whoever is up to the challenge gets the reward money. Another is to pick a handful of them for a scale-on-demand type. Lastly, a business can engage one on one deliberation with a specialist from the crowd to become its sole consultant. Through this, not only are the experts given opportunities to earn money, but this can also challenge them to hone their skills effectively, and furthermore, they benefit mutually because the business can lessen patent litigation costs. This way, Patexia brings transparency and efficiency to Intellectual Property.