Pavan Lakhat

Hello everybody, This is Madden Pro, & Content Creator Pavan Lakhat. All of my products and work consist of the same amount, or even more energy that I use to compete in these competeitve tournaments, games, and overall Madden. I have been grinding the Ins and Outs of John Madden Football since I was 15 Years Old! (Madden 15) What I can say forsure will happen if you follow my Tips, Tricks, and Ebooks, is that you will 100% Become a better Madden Player. Wether its learning about the Game, Improving your Dots and Defense or just becoming a smarter player, I can and will help you. I am a 1 Time Madden Champ, but am forsure looking for more. I just recently finished Top 4 at the Madden Bowl, where I got much praise about my Passing attack. Overall I am growing to all aspects in the Madden Game, and this is another step of the Growth as this will be my first Ebook Publically Published. I hope you guys enjoy, and join me on my Journey.