Hello, I am a trained therapist and counselor, doctoral level with 8 years practice in the field. I was trained by psychiatrists, ER MD's, psychologists, MFT's, Social Workers, and Professional Counselors. I have worked in over 7 hospitals including the ER, Med/Surg, and ICU. I have consulted for crisis and psychiatric evaluations. I have had my own private practice and now consult online. I offer Christian counseling and going back to school to practice psychiatry as a ARNP. I was a patient for years with OCD, Depression, PTSD, and Gambling Addiciton. This is part of my story and we all have a story. I am here to help people with their challenges, their marriages, relationships, the war in the mind, the battle with them self, and be an advocate and help those in the dark to have joy. I have been in the dark and been redeemed by Christ. I have helped 1000's and I hope to help you. I pray for all my clients and only use research proven techniques.