Pedal365 - Scenic turbo trainer workout videos for cyclists by cyclists

Follow the on-screen guide for quality training out of the weather all year round.
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“Loved the video file - also the comments - it made a big difference!" – Andy, Surrey UK
Download one of these original first person videos for a virtual ride adventure with interval sets, endurance and 'fartlek' turbo trainer workouts.

All our videos:
Are filmed by real cyclists riding their bikes.
Have workouts designed by a qualified coaches.
Can be used by individuals, groups and classes at no extra charge.
Include an on-screen intensity guide.
Include great soundtracks.
Come with a .MRC load file compatible with CompuTrainer RacerMateOneTM, TrainerRoadTM and PerfPro StudioTM users.
Can be paid for by PayPal for your safety.
Are between 1-2Gb in length and filmed at 1280x720 resolution.
Include EU VAT. where applicable.

Our Story.
We started producing cycling videos back in 2010 with local cycling club members to help with their winter training. We hired spinning studios with a projector showing cycling footage for the sessions, adding variety and interest. We wanted to produce an atmosphere of fun riding outdoors in interesting places in addition to doing some serious training.
This developed into group power based training sessions using CompuTrainers and PerfPro Studio software. We added simulated local races, videos for threshold tests and choreographed videos to match the workouts for each session.
What you see in our videos is what you would see from a bike and the experience gained by qualified coaches working with real cyclists who love to train.