Phaedre Christ

Discover a new voice. Phaedre Suriyai Christ is the Goddess of Love and she is here on earth for one purpose only: to spread the word about how the power of love on a practical level. All of her books are on this subject, from different angles. Juno Gets Enlightened is the big book, the main story, reality fiction taken from the page's of the goddess's actual diary. "Juno" gives the true, beyond-belief, a little bit sexy and endlessly emotionally shocking story of turning from ordinary surburban woman into a goodess. HeartBlinks: A True Love Story. Watch a marriage explode, almost in real time, in this short yet monumental reality fiction novel. 420 Love: Why We Love Weed The goddess, who is a yogi by profession, explains to a man why he has become entranced by marijuana, and gives himCustomer review of Juno Gets Enlightened: