Jason Webb

Jay Webb, a veteran MC from Dayton, has been involved in Hip Hop Culture for over 30 years. In the early 80's he started b-boying (break dancing). Later in the 80's he started doing small tags (graffiti) on abandoned buildings around the city. Along with tagging he found a passion for MC'ing and Dj'ing. Joining his first rap group at age 12 J.A.M. with lifelong Friends Andre Taylor and Marcus McGhee which led the MC to fall deeper in love with hip hop culture. The three once auditioned to be the opening act for the first rap group to successfully make it out of Dayton; “Doc Ease and The Ease Town Posse.” In his teenage years along with his new partner in rhyme; Poncho, he joined his Cousin Andrew Smittie’s crew; “Top Choice Posse”. The crew performed in various venues all over the city. After High School, Jay Started working for a Management Corporation called Midwest Management where he was V.P. of Film and Video. Jay was given the name “Picket Fence” by one of the groups on the roster named the “Lumber Jacks”. They chose the name because they felt that Jay always had their front just like a picket fence. It was just a year later when Picket Fence along with high school Class mates Bryant Bonds and Dana Collins formed the Gem City’s legendary rap group Eternal Legacy. The group opened up for major recording artists Outcast. The group disbanded in late 1995 when band mate Bryant Bonds moved away to pursue his education. In 1996, Picket moved to the motor city (Detroit, Mi.) to work on a solo career with the producers of the Lumber Jacks; BackDoor Productions. Along with Backdoor productions Picket Fence released two compilation albums “So Tight I'm Sweating” and “What's this Guy’s Problem?”. Picket would go on to release 1l full albums and 3EPs with a member of the Lumber Jacks’ production team ; Stepheno Austin. In 2010, the production team of Dayton’s Trunk Bound Regime reached out to an inactive Picket Fence about coming together to revive the dead Dayton Hip Hop scene in Dayton. Trunk Bound Regime had been trying to contact some of the Dayton Hip Hop legends including the members of TOOMB and another crew Picket Fence had once been a part of; “Cosmic Souls”. Picket Fence and the members of Trunk Bound Regime hit it off instantly. However,because it had been such a long time since he released any music, Picket was unsure if he still had the interest in making music due to the direction Hip Hop was going in. Picket offered to help out in any way he could to make a change in the Dayton Hip Hop scene. Picket decided to join Trunk Bound Regime and Seth Rock in throwing charity events called ‘The Gem City Get Down’ to give back to the community. It wasn’t long before Picket decided it was time to record again in 2012, he reached out to longtime friend and producer Stepheno and the created an Ep entitled “No Hankin” which was recorded at the Trunk Bound studio. Picket has just now released his new masterpiece produced entirely by Trunk Bound Regime with the exception of one song which was produced by a South African producer named Blue Buttonz. Due to sophisticated technology and studio equipment, hip hop in the city of Dayton has gone global with this latest release from Picket Fence; “GUTS A Practice in Space Conscious Theory”.