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Hello there! Pink Glitter Publishing is the home of from the heart writing ❤️. Love heart-warming stories, witty heroines and handsome heroes? You're in the right place...
From women fleeing relationship break-ups and finding themselves in the north of Scotland lusting over red-headed moody men, to 15-year-olds adjusting to life with a life-threatening health condition and coping with first love, you'll find relatable characters, gripping stories and feel-good endings.
Highland Fling is the first book in the Highland Books series - there are five books in total and a companion short story volume which will be released later this month (January 2020). Other books include Artists Town, The Girl Who Swapped and Ten Little Stars, a short story collection.
Coming soon... Beautiful Biters, the Wattys2020 award-winning paranormal story.
Praise for Highland Fling:
Thank YOU for writing such an amazing book series. The first book was simply awesome! Just can't get enough of Gaby and Jack!♥️

Loved the first, looking forward to more!

I love highland fling. It has humorous actions and real life drama. It makes me feel like I'm sitting there as one of the myriad sub-characters and watching everything unfolding in front of me. Keep up the great work.

Love it! The plot, the characters: I love Stewart! :D

the book is sooooooo good!! I loved it so don't thank me it's all you deserve and much more for such amazing writing... 

I was reading one drama heavy story and felt the need of something lighter and funny, so I came across your book. So far, it's exactly what the doctor ordered! Love from Portugal :)

It was a beautiful book.. Different from the cliches where everything moves so fast.. This one took its time and I loved you for exploring their characters in detail. Amazing job..❤

Thank you so much for writing this! I enjoyed it so much. I was so glad to find a book so different from those over-the-top lusty stories. I greatly enjoyed the humour and all the interactions. Keep it up ❤️❤️
Kissing in the rain. ICONIC. Well written, author. I got shivers! 🙈
i love your book
Such a fun book. I just read it completely this afternoon, so thank you for writing & posting your book! Really enjoyed it 😁
Last night I found this book, and I am already done😱 this book deserves so much more readers and attention! I love it❤️
Loved the book!!!

This book has been so amazing I found myself daydreaming about it💖💖 totally worth my time 😃
This book goes to one of my ultimate faves list. My fancy for non-cliché books landed me to yours and I thank the univers e for letting me stumble through this AMAZING book❤❤❤❤❤ you're a great writer and such an inspiration, can't wait to read more of your books.

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