Positive Farmers Ltd

The Positive Farmers are a fully committed, long term player in the dairy industry, providing leadership and quality information. We are dedicated to helping you build a profitable farming business together with a high quality of life. We are not corporately sponsored in any way. We have no corporate agenda. We are completely independent. Attending our dairy conference is a must, whether you are thinking of starting out in dairying, changing your system, need to review where you are at, or you just want to be the best! Size does not matter, in fact dairy farms with less than 80 cows need to be as or more resilient to withstand price fluctuation and other challenges. We aim to help all sizes and types of operations. Through its open format the Positive Farmers Dairy Conference provides a unique forum for discussing topics of critical importance to the dairy industry. The topics are carefully chosen to give you direction and clarity and the focus you need to achieve your goals. Upcoming events; NZ Tours in November 2018 Annual Dairy Conference - Jan 16th & 17th 2019 Excellent speakers, evidence based research and new advancements in the dairy industry are hallmarks of this conference.