Power Thoughts by Natalie Costa

I’m Natalie Costa - a coach, teacher, speaker and author, specialising in helping children learn the tools and strategies to support their mental and emotional wellbeing. 

With a background in psychology and having spent 12 years within the educational sector as well as becoming an accredited Performance Coach, I founded Power Thoughts - a teaching, coaching and mindfulness service to give children the power over their own thoughts! 

My programs are designed to help children recognise that they don't have to respond to every thought that they think, or react to everything that they feel. By doing this they are able to grow in confidence, feel happier and be more robust in dealing with the pressures of school, exams, transitioning, making friends etc.

I have been featured in the national press and TV, such as Stella Magazine, The Telegraph, Metro, Glamour Magazine and Good Morning Britain. 

Supporting children from as young as five, I have delivered Power Thoughts to over 3,000 children within schools in the UK, as well as running a host of one-to-one, online and in-person sessions to families and children all over the world. I have also collaborated with Bsmall publishers in writing Find Your Power and Stretch Your Confidence, two activity books designed to support children's mental wellbeing. 

I enjoy creating a fun and supportive experience for each of my clients and I’ve been told that my warm, friendly nature quickly puts them at ease, allowing them to feel safe and secure. My intention is always to be focused on helping one child at a time, to be as happy as they can be - and I’m thrilled to now have the opportunity to share some of these strategies with you and your child. 

If you’d like to join me online then I’d love to have you here!