Precious C Philip

Precious C Philip, the creator of the popular, is a passionate Sexual Purity Exponent, who God is using to liberate people from the stronghold and shackles of sexual immorality: porn addiction, masturbation, lust, fornication, adultery…

She also created and manages, a blog dedicated to sharing nuggets of truth to educate the ignorant, revive the spiritually dead, awaken the spiritually asleep, give sight to the spiritually blind, light up those whose lights are dim, and empower the wise to live an impactful life on earth. 
She is also a Spiritual Counselor and a Premarital Relationship Counselor: gives counseling on premarital relationships and spiritually related matters. Her deep-seated passion to see more people live a purposeful life of impact led to the production of this extraordinary e-book.

To find out more about Precious C Philip and her ministry, please visit and To schedule workshops, seminars, or speaking engagements, or to send a feedback on her book, send an email to