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Pregnancy Prayer Guide: Third Trimester


Pregnancy Prayer Guide: Second Trimester


Pregnancy Prayer Guide: Pre-conception and First Trimester


About Me

Our greatest place of authority, power and glory is found in the secret place of prayer. Prayer fosters a deep and intimate interaction with The Father which causes us to release through our mouths the heart of God on earth. Pregnancy is a wonderful time to fortify your relationship with the Father through prayer as you release God’s heart and desire through prayer concerning your unborn child from the day of conception through to your day of delivery. Allow God to use you as a praying vessel to release blessing into your child’s life. Pregnancy Prayer Guide eBooks have been created for the expecting mother who desires to pray for her unborn child everyday of her pregnancy.

Through our words, we have the capacity to create things into being: That is the power The Word
that proceeds out of our mouths.

Chido Sachikonye was motivated to write these books as a follow up from the Pregnancy Prayer
Guide App she developed in pursuit of creating a daily prayer guide for Mum-to-be and Daddy. A
guide that helps to purposefully pray for your child during his/her formative stages, stages which will
essentially set the tone for the child’s life and purpose on earth. Having gone through a difficult
period with her fourth pregnancy, Chido felt it in her heart to share this knowledge inspired by the Holy
Spirit with every expecting Mom and Dad.
Born in England, Chido gave her life to the Lord while at University. Involved in her Church Prayer
Ministry, Chido also runs a media company. Married to Mordecai, a Surgeon, she is a very proud
mother of five and a lover of Christ.