Presyous Ideas

My name is Precious Weathers and I started working from home over 2 years ago. The process was hard at first because I didn't know anything about working from home nor did I have any money to start off. 2 years ago I was a broke and unemployed single mother of 3 trying to find a way to take care of my three 3 children. I had lose multiple jobs because of time spent in the hospital with my youngest daughter who has Sickle Cell Disease. I started off reading and watching YouTube videos looking for way to work from home Today I have learned how to run my own business from home using all of the information I found over the internet and some information I had to pay for, but it was all worth it. I can now take care of my children with no help from family or friends. I'm not rich in any kind of way but I bring in enough income to take care of my family and I am blessed to have this opportunity and would like to share my knowledge with as many people as possible.