Princess Bobby

My ebooks really describe why I first started writing. If you fancy a good read, well my books are a great place to start. Not only will they teach you a little bit more about me as a writer, but they will also, hopefully help you to enjoy your day. Sharing it with your all whom you know, may become your second passion.

Much of what I have written about soo far, has been about the wonderful times that I've had as  a child & as an adult. Some of these memories needed to be mentioned & I couldn't think of a better way but to write about them in short sotries. In hope that you would enjoy them too.

I have often thought how awful it would be to get old & forget about some of those wonderful times we've all had together. Re-kindlling old memories has been one of the easiest things to write about & has been worth it in every way soo far. Spending my time with dear old friends, recapping on all those fun times, has truly recaptured a whole new worthwhile experience in my mind & it has opened many new ventures in my writing.

I wanted to remember as many things as I could, that would help make me smile. And focusing on all of those positive things, has helped me to do just that. This I believe has really & truly lifted me out of the dark clouds that I was previously living in. And has given me great hope in believing that I can achieve much more in the future, in many more ways than one.

Writing has become my passion. It has helped me to withdraw away from all of the miserable things I've had in recent times. And it has helped me to believe that better times may be on their way to me.

The ebooks are most certainly more than affordable for all whom love to read & a great way to enjoy your day, without worrying too much about becoming penniless.