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                                                 Benefits of  Reading Literary Fiction?

It is a significant truth, people are mostly busy using social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and etc. in such conditions they do not have much time for reading literary fiction. People are social media addicts these days, and that is why they are consuming a lot of time on it.


The most devastating thing is that people do not have much time left for reading. Maybe it is because of a lack of attention or social media is serving as an alternative for books. Children of today have forgotten how great things were back then when we used to read fictional stories. The beautiful lessons and morals that, we were extracting before from literary fiction are extremely beneficial for giving good lessons to children of today.
 Reading literary fiction have a lot of benefits, and here are some of them elaborated:


1). Literary Fiction Boost Up Creativity

Mostly, people are aware of a fact related to reading fiction that it boosts imagination. Literary fiction is all about mesmerizing art because everything is literary fiction is about putting unusual things in a usual context. Students who love reading literary fiction are more creative as compared with those who do not because they create a story in their minds.


2). Literary Fiction gives Courage to its Readers 

Mostly in fiction stories, there is a main hero or heroine in literary fiction, where they are trying to achieve their goals after all odds. In a very fun way, these stories give students a constructive lesson of achieving goals besides all odds. As an output, children will learn how to be their own hero.

3). Gives a Lesson of Empathy 

Empathy is extremely important for our survival and for others around us. Literary fiction gives students a chance of feeling the pain and happiness of characters they are reading about. Readers are free from anything negative emotion of judging others, and etc. Literary fiction is all about portraying real and genuine feelings and expressions of people. Hence, reading literary fiction is important, and we cannot ignore its significant importance as far as teaching empathy is concerned.

4). It Helps in Recognizing Our own Personality

Literary fiction helps in recognizing feelings and expressions of others, and as well as of us. There are different characters with different ideologies, and thinking in literary fiction, and we perceive their attributes and nature. This recognition of emotions, and personality helps in knowing our hidden agendas, feelings, and desires as well. Hence, reading literary fiction is a very good way of recognizing our own personality.

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