Professional Rebel

Marie-Claire is a Professional Rebel - a photographer, self- discovery facilitator and fairy dust sprinkler. Just don’t call her Marie; it makes her want to harm innocent children and puppies.

Armed with a camera, some fairy dust and a pink bucket full of fucks – she’s on a mission to spread joy across the universe and show people just how awesome they really are so they can do all the wonderful things they dream of doing.

With her trademark smile and infectious energy, her background in low self-esteem and depression comes as a surprise to many; as does her inspiring personal journey from Sadsack to Superhero.

Using a camera to overcome her confidence issues; photography to find out who she was; embracing creativity to explore difficult emotions and heal childhood trauma; she has created a business where she gets to be herself, spread joy and mainly act like a knob all day whilst helping people who felt the same way she did growing up.

Know Yourself. Be Yourself. And f*%@ing own it!