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Life is a process. It's a process of growth, learning and development.


Welcome to Psychology Of Success.


My name is Sadiq. And as a Criminal Investigator I quickly realized to be successful requires you to be organised and systematic in all you do. From your thoughts to your actions. Follow a system that works.


What we do.

Psychology Of Success was set up to be your one stop resource tool.

To help you replicate success by helping you to better understand the process.

In particular, we analyse the causes of failure. The traps that people fall into and offer remedies to get past it. The better you understand this process, the greater your success rate will be.

Because, success is just a process which means it can be replicated.

Benefit from:

Publications such as books, worksheets and courses to gain essential life skills that give you an edge when it comes to interactions with friends, family, co-workers, employers, and even in romantic relationships. 

Develop, increase or grow rapidly:

Your Success strategy. Build a platform for personal growth and development. Become more aware of your own thoughts and beliefs. How you see yourself, and how these cognitions influence your everyday life. Be better equipped to develop strategies and habits that lead you towards greater life success. 

Behavioral training skills. Offering a better understanding of human behavior – why we think, feel, and behave the way we do – and how life circumstances affect people. Understand how people learn (and unlearn) behaviours, including how fears are developed (or extinguished). Learn how to get the best out of everyone. Moving beyond influence to motivate and inspire people to act.

Acquire new information or skill: 

Gain greater communication skills that can be applied in many situations. Such as an improved sense of how to write a persuasive job application, handle a job interview smoothly or effectively introduce yourself to a new group of people.

Self-help tools to correct negative thinking patterns. Such as learning to better manage anxiety. 

Make happen or bring about:

Solutions to current life problems. Improve your current status, by better managing life circumstances, reach personal goals, and achieve success. Consider problems from different perspectives, vital for finding the most effective and beneficial solutions. 

Psychology of success teaches you to think about the way you think. This offers a great advantage when confronting life's challenges and making decisions.