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Life is a process. It's a process of growth, learning and development.


Welcome to Psychology Of Success.


My name is Sadiq. And as a Criminal Investigator I quickly realized to be successful requires you to be organised and systematic in all you do. From your thoughts to your actions. Follow a system that works.


Psychology Of Success was set up to be your one stop resource tool.

POS can help you to understand WHO you aspire to be, and what you aspire to DO and HAVE. It can help you to realize the size of the gap between your current reality and aspirations. Thereafter, assist you to close that gap.

This is done by helping you develop the right mindset, attitude, character and approach. Giving you the tools you need to obtain the skills you require to reach your destination.

POS explores a plethora of tried and tested success formulas from various fields including:

- FBI & CIA negotiation tactics,

- policing,

- Psychology,

- hypnotherapy,

-Neuro-linguistic programming,

- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,

- neuroscience,

- marketing,

- sales,

- business strategy,

- and many more.

POS is continuously updating the information and tools available.

Some free and some only available with membership to POS.

Products include,

- membership

- e-book

- articles

- Worksheets

- exclusive videos

- models

- and many more.

When you employ the right strategy, success isn't difficult.

Success IS just a process.

Ready to turn your dreams into something real?