Isaac R. Betanzos

What is Quantum Psychology and why is it Relevant?

What if we weren’t fully aware of our most basic and profound quality as beings, the one which would help us understanding ourselves and the Universe? 

Quantum Psychology challenges the way we have been biologically designed to perceive and interact with the world and what we call “reality”.

Because Quantum Psychology is a story about time, space and true interpersonal connections; concretely, is a story about how those three concepts, that we take for granted, are deceiving even if their true nature lays in front of us.

Are you curious to dig into the depths and limits of our consciousness? Join our journey uncovering the implications and applications of Quantum Psychology!

Because your life can be changed in a heartbeat of pure conviction if you know where to hear, as every great achievement in history starts with a seemingly crazy idea.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Isaac R. Betanzos is a novel writer with an academical background in research & Psychology. Combining Positive Psychology and Quantum Physics, through Quantum Psychology we will be able to re-think time, space and interpersonal connections. For more information, contact and insights about the upcoming books visit