How much about a business do you want to know? Because, I am sorta an open book about my quilting life. and sometimes the rest of my life as well. I blog about it - and try to add photos as well.... I am one that thinks a quilt, or a picture can tell a great story too!

I think - if I had to describe me today it would be: Quilter, Fabric Hoarder, Machine Quilter, Friend of the Horse, Photographer, and of course.... Chocolate Lover!

What can I do for you? Well, I am always here to help you finish your quilt with just the right quilting design! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to machine quilt, its almost heaven for me!

Need a T Shirt quilt made? I would love to design the perfect quilt for you.
Want something ready to gift? I have pre-made quilts, ready to be loved!!
Contact me today!  I would love to hear from you.