R.B. Roberts

Everyone’s life is replete with a wide diversity of experiences. Certainly, many of us are not what we thought we would be (or where) when we were children. Quite naturally, R.B. is no exception. He wanted to be a rock star. Born September 6, 1954 in Brooklyn, N.Y. to Hewitt and Rose Roberts, R.B. was their “Evil Genius.” But to his only brother and sister (he being the youngest), he was just a “cry baby.” On occasion, his father would take him on projects he had lined up with residents of private homes. Those were magical experiences for the boy. But he knew, even then, that there was really something so special about being in your own home that it was worth looking after, fighting for, and preserving. Little did he know that those times were just the cornerstones for who he is today ….. and where. R.B.’s passion has always been, since childhood, for working in, on, and around property; his compassion is eternally towards the people residing in the private residential sector of America ( whether they own or rent their homes). Succinctly, his related experiences have now been taken to another level of service. In the literal sense of the word, he has worked for/with just about every sort of home dweller and residential contractor imaginable. He believes that it’s these experiences, beginning way back in 1960-something, which prepared him for this honorable mission through HGRBS, today.