I am a Sports Model, Sponsored Athlete, Fitness Coach and Judge at a Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation in UK. Here are some of my qualifications and publications: I’ve studied Nutrition, Personal Training and Human Biomechanics for 2 years in University. I also have a Degree in Physiotherapy. For 2.5 years I was a member of the Physiology of Exercise Scientific Research Department Team. I had the opportunity and great pleasure to work with a number of athletes. Here are some of the presentations and publications I’ve worked on: 1. Bodyfat Percentage Measurement Methods and Their Various Results presented at XXV International Symposium of Sports Science and II Seminar of Physiology of Exercise 2. Increase of Muscle Strength, Circulation and Number of Repetitions in Athletes with Spiral Kinesiotherapy Tape – RMA. Published in a Physiotherapy Magazine and presented at the II Seminar of Physiology of Exercise If you do wish to change your body type, prepare for a competition or simply gain more knowledge make sure you follow me on social media and subscribe for the newsletter on my website.