Emmy Morgan

David Michael O'Quinn was born on Saturday May 1, 1976. He grew up openly gay as a Black kid in the predominantly straight, predominantly White of Feeding Hills, MA. It was there he began channeling all the dramas and life lessons he learned into words of poetry. After high school he immediately enrolled at Western New England University in Springfield, MA determined to earn his Bachelors in Business Management all the while still writing as his creative outlet. His goal was to own his own production company where he could write/act/produce his words of poetry had changed into short stories and screenplays. At the age of 30 after living and working in Western MA his entire life, he decided to move further east to the Boston suburb of Quincy, MA. While there he picked up his writing again and even got bit by the acting taking up background extra work on major movies shooting in the Boston area. He moved back to the Boston area in October 2014. Following the death a close friend he moved back to Western MA where he currently resides. Realizing life was short he picked up the one project he’d written on and off since college. In 2011 he completed this book and published it through Createspace. December 1, 2014 at the age of 38, David finally decided to begin his transition into a woman. Emily Morgan O’Quinn debuted on August 1, 2015 inspired by Caitlyn Jenner. “On a personal note. People ask me where I got my new name from. Well Emily is the name of my aunt that passed away. When I was a kid she let me be exactly whom I wanted to be at her apartment. When we moved from Springfield I lost touch with her then I found out she died in 2009. I never got a chance to thank her. As a kid my mother always said if I was born a girl she woulda named me Desiré Morgan. I couldn’t use Desiré as that’s the name of the character in this book, but I liked Morgan and thought Emily would nice with it. I chose the stagename Emmy Morgan because Emmy is the name of the groundbreaking plus-size model from the 90s who took the fashion world by storm. I’m always paying homages I guess. I think Emily fits me. It’s a feminine name and in most languages translates to industrious, which means hard working and diligent. If that’s not me…”