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Master Class

Yes, this is about sex and all aspect of your life.

The foundational five week online masterclass designed to invigorate you to

commit to

...the value that you bring to every moment,

...increase intimacy with yourself,

...know and have an unshakeable sense of your self-worth.

so you can move you from NOT valuing

your personal treasures of Time, Money, and ATTENTION

to valuing YOU!

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Is This You?

Do you ever wonder what happened to your desire to experience your pleasure or to be in your body in a sensual way?

Are you disinterested sexually and intimacy is an obligation to fulfill, but it’s not for you?

Is your sexual pleasure shut down and you feel like you don’t know what happened to yourself, your true self, the one who was sexy and


Perhaps you never learned how to be sexy and confident, to own your pleasure and sensuality, or to trust yourself when it comes to sex – whether you want it or you don’t.

Maybe you used to be confident, alive, and in pleasure but being disappointed by partners or life has dragged that out of you.

You’re not alone!

So many women experience disconnection when it comes to feelings and thoughts about acting on their desires, experiencing pleasures, and hearing the wisdom of their bodies.

Trust Yourself!

Imagine yourself...

  • Imagine yourself...

  • Knowing exactly how to hear your truth in your body

  • Transforming any latent body shame into body wisdom

  • Being present in, proud of, and connected to your body – whatever its current shape and size - in such a way
  • that people can’t help but to see and receive you

  • Developing real relationships stemming from honesty

  • Learning where your desire lives in your body

  • Becoming increasing willing to have what you want

  • Living your life as a sensual adventure

  • Mistress of your own pleasure centers!

It is time to release the performative paradigm

and allow yourself to RECEIVE!

This is your guide, Sexual Empowerment Coach, Tara Galeano.

I’m Tara Galeano, sexual empowerment coach. Despite being a veteran in the field of sexuality as a sex therapist, and having a strong intuitive connection to something bigger than myself, I still struggled with knowing and completely trusting myself for years.

I was the one who predicted the time my daughter would be born within minutes because my body wisdom told me weeks prior. Yet, I was also the one who stayed in a toxic marriage for many years beyond when my body started speaking to me and telling me to leave because I didn't believe it, I didn’t think what I wanted mattered, and I didn’t even remember what pleasure felt like.

In fact, in the moment my former husband pushed me up against a wall in a fit of rage, I found myself sexually turned on because it was the first honest exchange that had happened between us in years.

In numbing myself to stay in my marriage, I had numbed so much of what makes me so beautiful. And perhaps you have too?

It wasn’t until I began facilitating groups for women who were cancer survivors in the work I called “Rediscovering My Body” in 2012 that I knew that I needed to do that work for myself. Not only that, but I realized that ALL women, every sex therapy client I’d had, every sister, all of us, needed to stop thinking about sex techniques to please our partner and go back to the basics of listening and knowing our bodies, pleasures, and desires.

Basics that we were never taught.

Practicing this made all the difference for me (now happily divorced

and exploring relationships!)

It’ll make a difference for you too.

I invite you to join today!


Journey to reconnect with

yourself sexually, intimately, and


In this course into the surprising foundations of

fabulous sex, you will:

  1. Discover the wisdom of your body (it is your best guide)
  2. Learn to trust and claim your desire (out loud, with witnesses)
  3. Become available to receive so much pleasure! (In more ways than just sex!)

When you master the foundations, you will not

only be ready to get intimate physically (with

yourself or a partner), you will get so much more!

Do you know...

Body image is the number one inhibitor that women have identified preventing them from connecting sexually with themselves or others.

  • What would it be like for you to feel confident and sexy in your body?
  • What would you dare to do if you felt that way completely and utterly more often, if not all the time?
  • How would you feel about yourself if you accepted your body/yourself fully?
  • How would that impact your life?
  • How would people see you?

Turn that body shame into body wisdom!

Do You Know...

There are so many ways that sensual pleasures can bevexperienced, through what we smell, hear, see, taste,

and feel. Yet often sensual experience is limited to one prescribed way.

Is a chocolate candy slowly melting in your mouth pleasurable?

How about cool rain against your warm skin?

Or the scratch of your nails gently rubbing against the surface of your own skin? Learn to embrace sensuality more in your everyday life, simply and immediately.